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For the past decade, John Masiulionis has been helping creatives to share their gifts and expand their audiences around the world.

His ability to highlight the best of what someone brings to the table is uniquely exceptional. With the power of enthusiasm and determination, John is a seasoned professional at taking ideas and transforming them into realities.

As a publicist for inspirational, spiritual, and children’s authors, John understands the challenges that heart-centered entrepreneurs face, as they step out in faith and follow their own paths of service.

He uses his networking savvy, well-developed organizational skills, and positive energy to promote and establish name recognition for all of his clients.

A true partner in promotion, John empowers his clients with the personal attention and dedicated support they need to fulfill their dreams and expand the reach of their work.

John resides in San Diego, California with his faithful furry friend, Little Forrest, his beloved Shi Tzu/Maltese puppy. John enjoys reading to children throughout the city, as part of PR From The Heart’s Story Time with Mr. John, to inspire little ones to remember how special they are and how reading helps to create magic and miracles in their lives.

John’s is currently working on his first children’s book, to bring the vision of a children’s hospice for terminally-ill children in San Diego to life.

Learn More About John, His Mission For The Children, And
Empowering Self & Others By Enjoying These Featured Podcast Interviews

What Does Empowerment Mean To You? 

33 Minutes With Morgan (w/Morgan Silas Donnelly) 

PR Campaigns for Authors

According to the Oxford Dictionary, empowerment is defined as “the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.”

But empowerment can also have many different meanings to different people, depending on their experiences, circumstances, hopes, and dreams.

So what does empowerment mean to you right now?

Our John Masiulionis sits down with Morgan Silas Donnelly on 33 Minutes with Morgan to talk about self-empowerment, being open-hearted, what it means for a man to be kingly in a modern world, what it’s important to love the moment that you are in, plus much more.

Being A Spiritual Entreprenuer 

Unity Online Radio’s Be Present: The Diane Ray Show

PR Campaigns for Authors

If you feel called to work in the spiritual space and write a book or start a business, join our John Masiulionis, as he talks to Unity Online Radio’s Diane Ray about what it takes to get your book or idea out there in today’s marketplace and how to reach the right people.

The Wisdom In Children’s Books

A Handful Of Hope (w/Jesse Brisendine) 

PR Campaigns for Authors
Children are our greatest teachers. 
If you want to remember your true essence and what life is all about, simply observe a child for a few moments. It won’t be long before you appreciate the wonder, joy, simplicity, and presence found in the present moment.
Just as kids help us to remember how to experience the feeling of heaven on earth, we can do the very same for our youth, thanks to the gift of reading and the healing power of KidLit.
Our John Masiulionis sits down with Jesse Brisendine on A Handful of Hope to share the wisdom found in children’s books and how they help to walk children home, how enthusiasm can be a super power, plus much more. 

Love Yourself Not Less Than Complete

Shower Epiphanies (w/Art Costello)

PR Campaigns for Authors

“The core of everything…is based on how we feel about ourselves.” (John Masiulionis)

Sometimes loving ourselves is a challenge that often results in negative emotions. We even tell ourselves that we should not cheat on some of the greatest experience of our entire lives.

Self-love is not being selfish. It’s the only way that we can provide a service that’s much more genuine and heartfelt. And how you feel about yourself reflects greatly on your personal and professional life.

Our John Masiulionis talks to Art Costello to explain how self-love results to being in alignment with all dimensions and how self-love equates to caring about your time, your energy, your boundaries, your mission, and serving others.

Listen in to Shower Epiphanies and discover how you can live your life with a higher purpose by starting off with you!

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