During times of loss and grief, children may experience feelings of fear, confusion, and vulnerability. Reassurance from trusted adults can provide them with a sense of safety and hope for the future. 

However, parents tend to shy away from discussing death with their kids for fear of overwhelming them. However, by not broaching the subject, we risk leaving them to fill the gaps with misinformation and misconceptions.  

And so, one caring educator, artist, and mom has created a timely resource that can help our young ones navigate these challenging experiences, assuring them that everything is going to be okay. By providing a safe space for them to express and explore their feelings, she helps equip them with a healthy coping mechanism that will serve them throughout their lives.

Children’s Author, Amanda Davis, rejoins our John Masiulionis and Little Forrest for her second trolley stop on Episode #185 of PR From The Heart’s Children’s Books Spotlight Series to share her new book, Moonlight Memories, the challenges of writing about such a sensitive topic and illustrating hope and healing, the importance of asking for help and support when grieving, as well as helpful suggestions on how adults can help children remember their loved ones, and so much more. 

We encourage you, our fellow neighbors, to support Amanda by purchasing your copies of Moonlight Memories, and enjoying this empowering read with your little ones: https://bit.ly/3PAR8j5

From Moonlight Memories. Text copyright ©2023 by Amanda Davis. Art copyright ©2023 by Michelle Jing Chan. All rights reserved. 

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Children’s Books Spotlight Series Episode #185: Amanda Davis | Moonlight Memories