Anxiety is a natural emotion. In fact, fear can help us navigate dangers that surround us. But when that worry prevents us from doing things we love, it can feel overwhelming, even debilitating.

In honor of Children’s Book Week, KidLit lover John Masiulionis joins our Laura Cavanaugh to share two Empowering Reads for Kids that help children face and overcome their fears.

They dive into the pages of Anna Svetchnikov’s Wish Away and Wish Away Anger, the magical mythological series that support little ones in understanding their emotions.

“These books inspire kids to not run away from or hide from their emotions, to instead face them head on, to embrace them, to express them, to understand them, and yes, to learn from them,” said Masiulionis.

As a licensed family therapist and an award-winning children’s author of over 40 books, author Anna Svetchnikov empowers kids in so many ways.



Empowering Reads for Kids: Anna Svetchnikov | Wish Away & Wish Away Anger