While dreams inspire us, perseverance and hard work lead to rewards far surpassing what any wish alone could grant.

But when challenges arise and doubts creep in, it’s easy for our little ones to lose hope and think that their goals are impossible.

And so, one remarkable Rochester mom is teaching kids that each struggle we overcome builds strength for whatever may come next and that each small step is part of the bigger picture.

Educator and Best-Selling Children’s Author, Antonietta Tripodi Quinn, joins our John Masiulionis and Little Forrest on Episode #194 of PR From The Heart’s Children’s Books Spotlight Series to share her inspiring journey, the release of her new children’s book, Andrew Conquers the Court (published by Miriam Laundry Publishing), the real-life inspiration behind the story, the importance of embracing failure, how basketball is a microcosm of life, supportive tips on how parents and educators can encourage self-confidence in kids, how children’s books can teach valuable life lessons beyond the surface level, plus much more.

We encourage you, our fellow neighbors, to support Antonietta by purchasing your copies of Andrew Conquers the Court, and enjoying these empowering reads with your little ones: https://bit.ly/3TFt42c


Stay connected with Antonietta online and on social media:

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Children’s Books Spotlight Series Episode #194: Antonietta Tripodi Quinn | Andrew Conquers the Court