Going through life changes at any age is tough, explaining them to a little one is even tougher.

And so, an award-winning children’s book is here to help communicate the different life change that adults experience as they get older, through the lens of a child, to help parents and families have these difficult conversations with their little ones in a heartfelt way.

KidLit lover John Masiulionis and Laura Cavanaugh share Awilda Prignano’s Loving Lulu, along with the book’s Spanish version, Lulu Amorosa, a heartwarming story that shares the treasured bond that we share with our grandparents, the universal messages of kindness and compassion for others, and how we can express and communicate love to show others that we care.

Awilda dedicates this book to her Abeulita and to all of those people on their journey of caring for seniors in their family. A portion of the proceeds from Loving Lulu and Lulu Amorosa are being donated to the Lewy Body Dementia Association.



Empowering Reads for Kids: Awilda Prignano | Loving Lulu & Lulu Amorosa