This special children’s book celebrates family, the treasured bond with our grandparents and the values of love, kindness and compassion for others.

“We see Lulu spending quality time with her grandmother while her mom is at work. It’s through this time together that Lulu learns from her Abuelita how to cook, how to speak Spanish and even how to care for others,” said KidLit lover John Masiulionis. “But as time passes on, Lulu notices some changes in her grandmother. She’s even starting to forget things in the process. Despite all this happening, Lulu is determined to show her Abuelita how much she loves and cares for her.”

Loving Lulu is a touching story with a universal message for children and adults. Join Lulu on her journey to discover all the different ways we can express and communicate love to show others that we care. Prignano is a proud Boricua. In honor of her family’s Puerto Rican heritage, she also published this treasured children’s book in Spanish as “Lulu Amorosa.”

Author Awilda Prignano dedicates this book to her Abuelita and to all those people on their journey caring for seniors in their family. A portion of the proceeds from Loving Lulu and Lulu Amorosa are being donated to the Lewy Body Dementia Association.


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