Whether it’s facing academic struggles, coping with personal adversities, or navigating the complexities of self-discovery, children often encounter moments that test their resolve as they grow up. 

But, with each obstacle bravely conquered, little ones demonstrate that the size of the challenge is no match for the enormity of their determination. 

And so,  two inspiring moms are reminding us that within every child lies the strength to overcome, the resilience to endure, and the courage to thrive against all odds. 

We cordially invite you and your little ones to join David Newell (who played the beloved Mr. McFeely on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood) and our John Masiulionis for Episode #38 of PR From The Heart’s Neighborly Reviews Bookcast, as they share Antonietta Tripodi Quinn’s Andrew Conquers the Court (published by Miriam Laundry Publishing) and Lisa Wentzell’s A Dog and His Boy: The Adventures of Spillway & Scotty (co-written by Heidi Bullen, published by McSea Books).

As part of this special edition of The Neighborly Reviews Bookcast from Point Park University’s Center for Media Innovation in downtown Pittsburgh, Antonietta sits down in-studio with John and David to share how being a mom and an educator helped to prepare her for this chapter of her journey, the experience and feeling of bringing her son’s story to life, how parents and caregivers can build children’s resilience, and how playing sports prepares kids to be All-Stars in the real world. ⛹️‍♂️

Plus, Lisa, along with her husband, Scott, and their superhero son, Scotty, join John and David in-studio to share their family’s courageous journey, when they knew Scotty’s inspiring story needed to be shared with the world, why it’s important to live life to the fullest, in addition to ways that we can help our children to foster acceptance, empathy, inclusion, and kindness at home, in the classroom, and beyond. From his heart to ours, Scotty closes out this special trolley stop with a special message for us all.

We encourage you, our fellow neighbors, to support Lisa and Antonietta by purchasing your copies of Andrew Conquers the Court and A Dog and His Boy: The Adventures of Spillway and Scotty, and enjoying these empowering reads with your little ones:   

Andrew Conquers the Court: https://bit.ly/3TFt42c

A Dog and His Boy: The Adventures of Spillway and Scotty: https://bit.ly/3Jq6CUm 


Neighborly Reviews Bookcast Episode #38: Andrew Conquers the Court | A Dog and His Boy: The Adventures of Spillway & Scotty