When kids understand from a young age that they are loved by God, it gives them confidence, wisdom, and strength to navigate life.

Therefore, when parents take the time to explore faith with their children, it gives little ones spiritual tools to rely on their beliefs and find meaning during both everyday life and times of struggle.

And so, inspired by her late mother, one powerful storyteller is helping to build a bridge for families to stay close to God and grow in faith together, while inviting children to embark on a journey of discovery and spiritual growth.

I cordially invite you and your little ones to join David Newell (who played the beloved Mr. McFeely on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood) and me for Episode #39 of PR From The Heart’s Neighborly Reviews Bookcast, as we share two of Symone Anderson’s newest masterpieces, God You Have Always Been With Me and Where Is Love?.

As part of this special edition of The Neighborly Reviews Bookcast from Point Park University’s Center for Media Innovation in downtown Pittsburgh, Symone sits down in-studio with David and me to share how the loss of her beloved mother served as a catalyst for her spiritual awakening and her divine calling to share heartfelt stories that captivate the hearts and minds of young readers, how her faith in God supports her writing, the importance of diversity and representation in her stories, along with a look inside the latest installments of her 12 books in 12 months mission (Where Is Your Armor?, Holy Spirit, You Are My Friend, and For You Lord, I Will Dance).

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Where is Love?: https://bit.ly/3TRWrxY 

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Neighborly Reviews Bookcast Episode #39: God You Have Always Been with Me |  Where is Love?