Being a parent means you’ve got a really important role to play in helping your little one understand their mental health. 👪

By showing your child how to express their emotions and feel their feelings in healthy and empowering ways, they can learn to be more compassionate with themselves and more empathic of others, have more positive and stable relationships, feel more capable and confident, and so much more. ❤️

If your little one is struggling with emotional challenges of any kind, two new heartfelt children’s books are here to help your child learn to connect with their emotions and feelings and remember that they are loved and supported. 👦🤗👧

We encourage you and your little ones to join David Newell and our John Masiulionis for Episode #7 of The Empowered Publicity Neighborly Reviews Bookcast, as they review Lisa Bournelis’ Louie and the Dictator and Dayna Mason’s Mosley The Feelings Monster. 📚

We encourage all of you to support Lisa and Dayna by purchasing your copy of Louie and the Dictator and Mosley The Feelings Monster, and enjoying this empowering read with your little ones!

🛡️ Louie and the Dictator:
🤎 Mosley The Feelings Monster:


Neighborly Reviews Bookcast Episode #7: Louie And The Dictator & Mosley The Feelings Monster