Children’s imaginations are boundless, and their dreams and faith can be too. 👦🌟👧

And so, one of our newest neighbors is encouraging our little ones to imagine all that their future might hold and to remember to dream big, work hard, and know that God is with them every step of the way, always working wonders. 🙏🏻

Award-winning children’s author, Jill Roman Lord, joins our John Masiulionis on Episode #129 of The Empowered Publicity Children’s Books Spotlight Series to share her inspiring story, the release of her two new children’s books, Dream Big, My Precious One (published by WorthyKids) and You’re More Than A Sprout (published by B&H Kids), how our dreams can help us create positive, lasting change in the world for those we love, care about, and serve, how we, as parents, caregivers, and custodians of children, can encourage our little ones to strength their faith at this time, while doing the very same for ourselves, as adults, words of encouragement and support for those who are feeling that achieving their dreams isn’t possible, the importance of leaving room open for magic and miracles to come into our lives, plus much more. 🌟🌱

We encourage all of you to support Jill by purchasing your copy of Dream Big, My Precious One, along with You’re More Than A Sprout, and enjoying this empowering read with your little ones! 📚

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Children’s Books Spotlight Series Episode #129: Jill Roman Lord | Dream Big, My Precious One