People of color, unfortunately, are often subjected to discrimination and injustice in our society today. Though this kind of racism is rampant in many places in the world, it is also true that there is still a hope for a bright tomorrow left for our little ones. 

Therefore, one of our biggest tasks as parents and caregivers is teaching our children that no dream is too big and no goal is out of reach. By providing them inspiration through real-life examples of successful and influential black people in a multitude of fields, they will be able to see that success and happiness do not depend on one’s color, gender, or age, but on putting on the work, dedication, and passion to achieve their dreams.

And so, one of our fellow shining stars is helping to balance the narrative around black people and spreading black inspiration to kids and families around the world through her Inspired To Be series— a collection of well-written books celebrating positivity and teaching kids to love their uniqueness, and be more adventurous with their dreams and aspirations so that they can be the superheroes they can be now— no matter how young they are. 

Children’s author Crystel Patterson joins our John Masiulionis and Little Forrest for Episode #169 of PR From The Heart’s Children’s Books Spotlight Series to talk about the power of children’s books in shaping our little ones’ perspective, the value of exposing our kids to positive models, the importance of believing in yourself and others, balancing work and family life, being all-in, strategies to help parents connect with their kids, and the benefits of having a support system while raising them.

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Children’s Books Spotlight Series Episode #169: Crystel Patterson | Inspired To Be Series