When you’re sad because your friend moved away, it helps to talk about it. 😥

When you’re proud of yourself for making new friends, it’s worth sharing. 🤗

When things are scary or don’t feel right, telling someone you trust is important. 🙏🏻

And so, in good times and bad, for problems big and small, one of our newest neighbors is encouraging our children and adults alike to open up, communicate, and tell someone. 💙

Children’s author Debra Shumaker joins our John Masiulionis on Episode #134 of The Empowered Publicity Children’s Books Spotlight Series to discuss her inspiring story, the release of her new children’s book, Tell Someone (published by Albert Whitman & Co.), why it’s important for us, as parents and caregivers of little ones, to communicate and listen to our children, to let them know that their emotions and feelings matter, why do we, as adults, need to be with our emotions and feelings, tips for parents to jump start empowering conversations with their little ones, how children’s books help kids to connect to their emotions and feelings, plus much more. 📖

We encourage all of you to support Debra by purchasing your copy of Tell Someone, along with any of Freaky, Funky Fish, and enjoying this empowering read with your little ones! https://bit.ly/3o4bHb5. 📚

🖥️ Stay connected with Debra online and on social media:
📖 Official Website: https://bit.ly/3E8KVnM
💙 Twitter: https://bit.ly/3o5T0UH
💙 Instagram: https://bit.ly/3pcncN7
💙 Facebook: https://bit.ly/3o3mDWG


Children’s Books Spotlight Series Episode #134: Debra Shumaker | Tell Someone