We don’t get to choose the struggles or setbacks we’re dealt in tough times, but we can decide how we face those challenges. Are we courageous and resilient?

Are we prepared to get back up when we get knocked down? KidLit Lover John Masiulionis joins our Laura Cavanaugh to share children’s books that help little ones unlock their power to overcome challenges. They dive into the pages of Lindsay Reiling’s new best-selling children’s book The Race.

The book was written as a tribute to Reiling’s son’s friend Jack, 12 year-old Canadian BMX racer Jack Cerney, who was diagnosed with leukemia. Reiling wrote the book as a source of comfort, hope and support as Jack bravely battles the disease.

“The Race helps and inspires kids to remember that they have the power within themselves to overcome any challenges and obstacles in life,” said Masiulionis.

The book also teaches kids to give back, as 100% of the proceeds of The Race are being donated to the British Columbia Children’s Hospital’s Leukemia Department.

Positive friendships help us develop important life skills, nurture trust and build compassion. Especially for children, they can help foster their sense of belonging and ability to connect with others. Each month, we’re sharing the latest heart-centered books and shining stars in the KidLit community. KidLit lover John Masiulionis joins our Laura Cavanaugh to share books that focus on the importance of friendship.

They dive into the pages of K.A. Mulenga’s Will and His Best Friend Whale and Chuck the Cheetah, two children’s books that depict friendship, what it takes to make a friend and what it means to be one. These Empowering Reads help children to remember that friends can be found in the most unlikely places. They also teach the importance of the responsibility we have to take care of our animals, our oceans and our planet. In addition, these Empowering Reads for Kids teach little ones about humility, as well as winning and losing with grace.


Empowering Reads for Kids: Lindsay Reiling | The Race