For nearly two years, families have adapted to challenges caused by the pandemic. From quarantine and remote learning to safety protocols and loss, we’ve all struggled to find normalcy.

In the process, our little ones have experienced their own set of challenges and emotions, from confusion and stress to worry and grief.

KidLit lover John Masiulionis joins Laura Cavanaugh to share Seth Eliot Santoro’s award-winning Finn and the Ferocious Flu, an empowering read that teaches kids to find gratitude and joy amid uncertainty and how to navigate through anxiety, adversity, and grief.

This heartfelt story encourages children to talk about their emotions and feelings with their loved ones in a safe, healthy, and constructive way, while also providing a step-by-step guide for little ones to be able to move through challenges and to heal from loss, so they can reconnect to their smile on the inside and shine it out for the world to see.



Empowering Reads for Kids: Seth Eliot Santoro | Finn and the Ferocious Flu