The American Academy of Pediatrics states that making friends is one of the most important missions of childhood, a social skill that will endure throughout their lives. 👦👦🏿✨👧👧🏿

Friendships help kids develop emotionally and morally and boost social skills. Not only do kids learn how to communicate with others, but healthy friendships can be instrumental in helping them learn to control their emotions and express their feelings constructively. 🤝🤝🏿

However, some children struggle socially and have trouble making and keeping friends. 😔

And so, two of our favorite neighbors are helping little ones to remember that everyone is special and unique in their own ways, the understanding of which helps children to better understand and connect with each other. 🤗

We cordially invite you and your little ones to join David Newell (who played the beloved Mr. McFeely on Mister Rogers Neighborhood) and our John Masiulionis for Ep. #13 of PR From The Heart’s Neighborly Reviews Bookcast, as they share Jim Price’s Friends Like Different Things (the first installment in The Adventures Of Harold From The Hood series) and Nicole Latimer’s Need A Friend? Learning to Sign With Rennon. 📚

We encourage all of you to support Jim and Nicole by purchasing your copy of The Adventures Of Harold: Friends Like Different Things and Need A Friend? Learning to Sign With Rennon, and enjoying this empowering read with your little ones!

🌈 The Adventures Of Harold From The Hood: Friends Like Different Things:
👦 Need A Friend? Learning to Sign With Rennon:



Neighborly Reviews Bookcast Episode #13: Friends Like Different Things & Need A Friend?