One of the truly beautiful things that we experience in life is when we receive unconditional love from an animal. 🐐🐔🐖

Whether that comes it from a furry friend that we’re fortunate to own or an animal that we’re blessed to meet at a rescue or shelter, the love that these gentle creatures show us helps us to open our hearts, to heal, and to strengthen our own relationships, including the one that we have with ourselves. ❤️

And so, our newest neighbor, a true gentle giant, is here to help children and adults alike remember that even though we are all different, that we are all worthy of receiving love and acceptance. 🤗

Six-time Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist and children’s author, Janet Zappala, joins our John Masiulionis on Episode #140 of The PR From The Heart Children’s Books Spotlight Series to share the release of her new children’s book, Guapo’s Giant Heart (published by Mascot Books), the real-life story of Guapo and how he is inspiring little ones to be friendly and loving, what we can learn from animals by spending time with them, why it’s important to stay true to ourselves, how being different is actually a good thing, plus much more. 🐄

We encourage all of you to support Janet by purchasing your copy of Guapo’s Giant Heart, and enjoying this empowering read with your little ones! 📖

A portion of the proceeds from Guapo’s Giant Heart will go to The Coachella Valley Horse Rescue in Indio, California: 🌞

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Children’s Books Spotlight Series Episode #140: Janet Zappala | Guapo’s Giant Heart