A lot of kids suffer in silence because of body shaming. Because of this, they are led to believe that they are inadequate, not worthy, or worse, that their body is the enemy.

As a result, they may feel pressure to look a certain way and turn to extreme dieting to achieve their desired body or other harmful behaviors to numb their pain.

Therefore, at a time when kids are bombarded with unrealistic beauty standards and impossible ideals, it’s important that we, as parents and caregivers, equip them with the tools and knowledge they need to feel secure in themselves.

And so, one of the brightest shining stars in the KidLit community is doing his part to teach children and adults alike the true meaning of self-acceptance in a meaningful way by helping us all to remember that we are all works of art, yet ever-evolving works in progress.

Award-winning middle grade author, Jarrett Lerner, joins our John Masiulionis and Little Forrest for Episode #176 of PR From The Heart’s Children’s Books Spotlight Series to share how his own courageous journey inspired the release of his groundbreaking new graphic novel, A Work in Progress, how his book is inspiring kids to embrace their unique qualities and love themselves unconditionally, how we can help our kids to see the value in speaking their truth while guiding them to shape their identity through positive stories, the strength found in vulnerability and the advantages of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, the power of books in shaping a child’s perspective on life, plus much more.

We encourage you, our fellow neighbors, to support Jarrett by purchasing your copy of A Work in Progress, so that you can spark discussions with your child on body image, bullying, empathy, dissolving shame, and mental health: https://bit.ly/3IU4Xqy.


A Work in Progress: Text and illustrations copyright ©2023 by Jarrett Lerner. Courtesy of Aladdin/Simon & Schuster. All Rights Reserved.


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Children’s Books Spotlight Series Episode #176: Jarrett Lerner | A work In Progress