With the advent of technology, our lives are becoming more and more hectic. Sadly, our kids are not immune to these pressures. With so many extracurricular activities and distractions from digital devices, our children are forced to sacrifice their time to rest and just be kids.

Therefore, as parents, it is important for us to encourage the younger generations to form a healthy relationship with their bodies— and that all starts with being able to listen to their breathing. As our main source of life, breathing is a vital part of our existence, and we need to teach that to our children. 

Teaching them to connect with their breath also serves as a foundation for taking care of themselves, allowing them to be in tune with their physical and emotional needs. As a result, they not only strengthen their focus and concentration, but it can also help restore both emotional balance and spiritual awareness. 

And so, two of our fellow shining stars are helping kids and adults alike, to awaken and connect with their hearts and inner selves through the power of meditation, breathwork, and mindfulness. 

Children’s Book Author Jill Reed and Children’s Book Illustrator Patricia Coester joins our John Masiulionis and Little Forrest for Episode #170 of PR From The Heart’s Children’s Books Spotlight Series to talk about the importance of meditation, breathwork, and mindfulness to adults and young ones alike, how breathing helps us be more present in the present, how we can go about recognizing and accepting our own feelings, why we should be more conscious about using technology, plus a simple breathing exercise we can start practicing today!


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Children’s Books Spotlight Series Episode #170: Jill Reed and Patricia Coester | Maleku’s Gift