“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
“Before anything, preparation is the key to success.”
“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

As parents, caregivers, and custodians of our children, it’s important to teach our little ones the importance of planning and preparing, two key things which can help them to navigate life. 👦👧

When we plan carefully, things go smoothly. 😊
When we don’t have a plan, frustrations rise, tasks take longer, and may even be finished incorrectly. 😞

And so, our newest neighbor, along with his two best friends, are here to help kids handle this important issue with a little humor and heart along the way. 😂💛

Children’s author/illustrator and Caldecott Medalist, Matthew Cordell, joins our John Masiulionis on Episode #139 of The PR From The Heart Children’s Books Spotlight Series to talk about the release of his new debuts his first early reader series, Cornbread & Poppy, the differences between picture books and early readers, why it’s important to help our children learn the value of planning and preparation, words of encouragement and support for little ones who are having trouble remembering their worth and individuality in this world, a sneak peek of Cornbread & Poppy at the Carnival, plus much more. 🐭📖🐭

Illustrations from Cornbread & Poppy are courtesy of Matthew Cordell and Little, Brown Books for Young Readers @ 2022

We encourage all of you to support Matthew by purchasing your copy of Cornbread & Poppy, along with any of Matthew’s other heartfelt children’s books (including The Kind and Caring World of Mister Rogers, and enjoying this empowering read with your little ones! https://amzn.to/3rMTfV2. 📚

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Children’s Books Spotlight Series Episode #139: Matthew Cordell | Cornbread & Poppy