For over 30 years, one of our favorite neighbors helped to make speedy deliveries from his heart all around the neighborhood. 📬❤️

And now, he is helping us to deliver heartfelt reviews of children’s books from our favorite neighbors around the world to children everywhere. 🤗📚

Join David Newell and John Masiulionis for the premiere episode of The Empowered Publicity Neighborly Reviews Bookcast, as they review Diane Scabilloni’s Rulers Don’t Measure, Lori Parks’ The Power of One, and Markkizaac Mago’s My Super Grandma. 📚

We encourage you, our fellow neighbors, to support these shining stars in the KidLit community by purchasing their new children’s books and enjoying them with your little ones:

📏 Diane Scabilloni’s Rulers Don’t Measure:​
🌎 Lori Parks’ The Power of One:​
👵 Markkizaac Mago’s My Super Grandma:​


Neighborly Reviews Bookcast Episode #1: Rulers Don’t Measure, The Power Of One, & My Super Grandma