The adventures of Ellie and Eve: Ellie meets the new baby. Empowering reads that help children adjust to a new sibling

The birth of a new baby is a blessing and a joyous occasion, but the arrival of a new sibling can also lead to some growing pains within the family.

Caring for an older sibling can be just as important as nurturing the new baby. KidLit lover John Masiulionis joins our Laura Cavanaugh to share books that help children adjust to a new baby brother or sister. They go inside the pages of Paula M. Karll’s award-winning children’s book The Adventures of Ellie and Eve: Ellie Meets the New Baby.

“This book helps children to remember the responsibilities that come with being a big brother or a big sister, but that time pays off at the end of the day, as the love and the joy that a new baby brings into your life is something you can’t even put into words,” said Masiulionis.

In addition to inspiring little ones to communicate and encouraging siblings to bond, this book also reflects real-world families. The Adventures of Ellie and Eve: Ellie Meets the New Baby embraces diversity and incorporates an inclusive depiction of a multi-cultural family, allowing readers to see a representation of themselves and their families in the characters and also see characters who may look different. Children can relate to these characters whose feelings and experiences are universal. This Mom’s Choice Award-winning book can help families build a diverse library for their children and also includes learning activities to support parents in communicating with their kids.


Empowering Reads for Kids: Paula Karll | Ellie Meets the New Baby