Immigration has always been a hallmark of our country for generations. 🚣🛬

Immigrants are the vibrant, multifaceted people who share their heritage and traditions which enrich the fabric of our daily lives. 🙏🏻

And so, one of our newest neighbors is here to share a loving tribute to all immigrants, our neighbors, our family, and our friends, and the gifts they have given and continue to give from their hearts. 💛

Award-winning children’s author and illustrator, Selina Alko, joins our John Masiulionis on Episode #133 of The Empowered Publicity Children’s Books Spotlight Series to discuss her inspiring story, the release of her new children’s book, I Is for Immigrants (published by Henry Holt and co.), why its essential to share and pass down the stories of our ancestors to our children, the importance of honoring the traditions of our ancestors, while also creating new traditions for our families, plus much more. 📖🗽

We encourage all of you to support Selina by purchasing your copy of I Is For Immigrants, along with any of Selina’s other award-winning children’s books, and enjoying this empowering read with your little ones! 📚

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Children’s Books Spotlight Series Episode #133: Selina Alko | I Is For Immigrants