Reading is not just a hobby; it is a portal to other worlds and a gateway to endless possibilities.

By nurturing curiosity and creating a supportive environment for our kids, we, as parents and caregivers, can teach them to embrace reading with excitement.

And so, one seasoned educator and ambitious author is empowering children across the country to cultivate a voracious love of reading, to not only create a profound impact on their emotional and intellectual development, but also provide them with wings to fly in the world of children’s literature. ✈️

Award-Winning Children’s Author, Shannon Anderson, joins our John Masiulionis and Little Forrest for Episode #184 of PR From The Heart’s Children’s Books Spotlight Series (as part of the program’s 5-year anniversary celebration) to share her new children’s books, Heroes Don’t Have to Fly: Scooter the Word Bird (published by Clever Publishing) and I Love Strawberries (published by Feeding Minds Press), why we need to empower our kids to spread kindness and make a difference, the importance of literacy, persistence, and developing a growth mindset in young readers, tips for parents, educators, and aspiring authors for staying motivated through challenges and finding purpose and success in their creative endeavors, plus much more.

We encourage you, our fellow neighbors, to support Shannon by purchasing your copies of Heroes Don’t Have to Fly: Scooter the Word Bird and I Love Strawberries! and enjoy these empowering reads with your little ones:

Heroes Don’t Have to Fly: Scooter the Word Bird: 

Heroes Don’t Have to Fly: Scooter the Word Bird Text copyright © 2023 by Shannon Anderson • Illustrations copyright © 2023 by Olga Demidova. Courtesy of Clever Publishing. All Rights Reserved

I Love Strawberries!: 


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